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Want to bask in a pampered glow of celebrity-style indulgence and enjoy the ‘PERSONAL STYLIST EXPERIENCE’? With our vast experience as professional hair and make-up artists for stage, television and the catwalk both here and overseas.

Anthony Talbot has been serving clients in Sydney since 2004. At our Anthony Talbot London Flagship Salon, conveniently located in the heart of Neutral Bay - Sydney, it’s here, that we are able to design a look for any occasion, whether it’s a job interview, themed party or a hot date.

Contemporary haircuts, styling, texturing, colouring and hair extension services are specialties we offer to our diverse clientele. We will have you looking and feeling like an A-lister. And you'll be relaxed and in control because the pressure of ensuring you're 'RED CARPET READY' has been left to the experts.

Artistic Director / Managing Director @ Anthony Talbot London

Anthony re-located from London 10 years ago after completing a third series of the BBC documentary ‘Wanted Down Under’. Anthony was tempted away from his busy lifestyle when he experienced the delights of living and working in Sydney during the first series. He has enjoyed a career spanning more than twenty years and has taught high fashion cutting and colouring all over the world for major companies such as Matrix, Revlon and L’oreal, working alongside some of the greats such as Kene Franklin and Paul Stafford to name a few.


Matrix 1994 – 1998 (4 years) UK Field based, responsible for the north of England. Anthony demonstrated cutting, colouring, perming and styling techniques in salons and larger hair seminars using Matrix products. Co-ordinated and managed own demonstrations and was responsible for delivering technical support and training for the accounts in my area. Anthony delivered technical training to salon staff, college lecturers and students.

RELATED ACHIEVEMENTS Assisted on international hair shows in Holland, Germany and America with the creative team; Performed in Nationwide tours with Kene Franklin of the Macmillan Group. The tours ‘Glamour on the Edge’ and ‘Feminine on the Edge’ consisted of twenty-six shows in each tour demonstrating avant garde cutting, colouring and styling; Represented Matrix at Salon International in London three years running and also the Cosmopolitan Shows; Provided a telephone technical support service often far outside of usual working hours; and Constantly updated own skills and improved performance through extensive in-house training programmes.


Anthony trained a team of technicians to provide education, training and support to salons. Anthony worked with small and large groups organising regional hair seminars, including sourcing models, designing and co-ordinating show content and presenting the function.

RELATED ACHIEVEMENTS Assisted the creative team in Bologna and helped to create the collection for the Colomer Group, working on images for both Revlon and Viola; Represented Revlon at Salon International and ‘Cosmo-Prof’ (Europe’s Expo); Opened the greatest number of new accounts in the UK during employment and increased the company sales by 50%; and Secured accounts in several colleges in the north of England and provided training and technical support for the lecturers and students.